Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers

Anyone have a mother who is a narcissist? I've been dealing with the pian of this situation all my life. Unless you have been there no one would believe that a mother would treat her only child the way I was treated. Is there anyone else who has experienced this kind of life? I would love to hear from someone who shares my pain.

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May 9

I have a narc mother. People honestly cant believe te tings they do because it can be so malicious. I find it hard to find people to talk to about it. Mothers are supposed to be nurturing. I posted my story a few minutes ago.

Jun 19

I can totally relate and I completely feel your pain. I'm really glad you all are here. It's hard to know where to put all of these emotions. No one believes me. She really set it up nicely for that.

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Jun 19

Yes Rita63. I am sorry for you but over time there is a way. It is called distancing yourself. For me I was able to keep her further away then I would like for my own good. She tried to stab me in the heart once with a knife ( her intent was not to kill me -she was just putting in in a little) reguardless. I forgave her and have a distant relationship. Before I did that I made her over the coarse of a couple of years admit to abusing me (although she still denies the things that hurt her the most). She denied it flat out and called me a lier for years- but I did not give up . The next step was when she was on the phone abusing me I would say: I wont let you say that to me and that is not true and that is abuseive. I need to end this call- I love you by. And I hung up. This went on for a year - not without rage on her part. And as the 13 yrs later she admits to almost everything and is sorry and has cried BUT still puts herself first most of the time and still stays horribly mean things and blames me. Because of God I am able to have a relationship with her, I have forgiveness. She showed repentance. It is what it is now. It will never be perfect and She will never be normal. I accept that now and love her - from afar. It will always hurt . I hope this helps. xoxo

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