Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers

Anyone have a mother who is a narcissist? I've been dealing with the pian of this situation all my life. Unless you have been there no one would believe that a mother would treat her only child the way I was treated. Is there anyone else who has experienced this kind of life? I would love to hear from someone who shares my pain.

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Jun 11

My father is a narc. :( I feel your pain.. trust me *hugs**

Jun 13

Hugs right back

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Jun 13

Support Group I am flagging thread since I am unable to monitor this thread due to the length (requires to much time to access)and have tried to close it down as has other moderators too prior but this has not been respected by the members accessing it.........please remove thread due to the excess length so another thread will have to be started..... thank you moderator abuse group dare


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