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The court day

I had court yesterday.my daughter didnt show up I won but lost all at the same time.I knew that before I ever went.I no its crazy even though she was coming to testify against me I still wanted her to show up.I just wanted to see my beautiful daughters face and a glance at my granson.I know its prb best she didnt it would have hurt me more to throw dwn all my evidence against her,to hear her tell lies on me would have hurt too.She told my sister she may not show up and she wants to make a mends.Idk if so she hasnt called.I'm so worried somthing couldve happened to her.Her abusive husband really wanted me to pay dearly.Then her say shes gonna let me off not call but not show for court makes me worry.I just sit here hoping she will call somebody in our family just to no shes ok.I came out of court with tear filled eyes feeling I'd just finalizing losing my daughter and granchild.I could not talk to anyone about it at all.I simply tried to fight the tears and keep on going.I'm doing ok today still worried but feeling I have to keep pushing forth.I have such grief and pain right now but I'm hanging onto good memories and hopes for the future she will come to her senses.

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Hi kisorheather, I definitely understand your worry. Hopefully your daughter will call someone and let them know she is ok. Keep me posted. I will be praying. ((((hugs))))

Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. --John Wooden
God Himself does not propose to judge a man until he is dead, so why should we?
As long as you are alive and breathing - there is HOPE.

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I heard through my other daughter that this daughter was on the net.She is still very angry at me,refuses to let me see my granson,and she has been diagnoised with cancer.I have been dealing with cancer myself for several years.I know it's a hard thing to cope with alone.I wish she would let me be there for her but she choses to deal alone.I just wanted to let you know.I thank you for your prayers.I hope you will continue to pray I will be reunited with her.Thanks for your support!

April's picture

Kisorheather, where theres a will theres way & just know in your heart that she really needs you regardless of what has transpired in the past & she will eventually come around, shes probably trying to sort her thought out, takes time doesnt it? & that benefits all, take care of you & by the way I'm in Mississippi too.

Choose wisely, treat kindly

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I'm so glad to hear your from here to thats great.Ur post to me really hit home.U are so right about her needing me.She has been here three wks now an our relationship is improving.She is still having dealings with her x which I have learned to keep my opions out of unless asked.I had to see her point of view in order to understand the why to evrything.All of you have been so great an helped so much.I dnt see you as just people but rather real honest caring people.I thank u so much for your time you put into helping me.Thanks again.

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So glad your feeling better w/your thoughts for what WE fear, WE create, so glad you took a step back to reflect/consider, & your right, always ASK if one would like your opinion, if they say no, then there you go, respect it.... I had to keep telling myself that w/my older kids 18 & 26....

Take Care


Choose wisely, treat kindly

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