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I am 47 married male who has had a penile implant 1 yr ago.

I am 47 married male who has had a penile implant 1 yr ago. I has been a long journey . If anyone has questions about such a surgery please message me.
I will answer questions and concerns and my new life

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Feb 27

Yes I am. I wish I had known about groups like this. I have spoken with 3 guys across the US and just listen to their questions. You can email me direct at wilsondavid77@msn
I told my wife that I would help anybody. It's a big decision

Feb 27

Yes you have regular orgasms. It works by a pump. You can google it. 3 piece. It was a rough couple months after operation. But everything works like normal. You push pump multiple times and it gets hard. You can have intercourse as long as you like. It does not deflate until you release pump. I lost just a little bit of sensibility . It looks normal as anybody. I think it was more mental knowing this is in you. I went to Penn Medicine University in Philidelphia . You can email me direct and I can explain more.
Thanks. Dave

Feb 27

Yes I am email me at wilsondavid@msn.com and can talk or email


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