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I'm so tired of being poor, lonely, and depressed.

I'm so tired of being poor, lonely, and depressed.

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Mar 9

@Tnscott99 I understand wht ur saying. We all phrase thgs differently. But like u? I've had/have moments when I don't feel like hearing jack. Esp if its coming at me in a way, tht I gotta keep explaining wth I mean.

GabrielB's picture
Mar 9

I sympathize but stand behind everything Natural says, he's a smart guy and, if we have any aspirations to improve our lives, despite nearly impossible odds (I couldnt even begin to synpase for you the amount of internal anguish I've put myself through to get where and, to everyone around me complete ignorance and I faced poverty) we can't afford to settle with the explanation that we're victims and prisoners to our bodies. Action is the only solution and, yes, ots hard and the resources don't exactly fall in your lap. In fact, it can sometimes feel like you're chasing a f**king unicorn, but there *is a way.

Sunnyside101's picture
Mar 17

A man living in a cardboard box had the Faith as big as a cardboard box, was homeless & unhappy. He asked God, "why...?" And then he answered because that's how much faith you put in me. He opened his heart and had greater faith, started preaching the good word & did honest days work...I just saw this man on Oprah as a multimillionaire entrepreneur on Super Soul Sunday being interviewed...Unlock your faith and know that if you Invite Jesus into your heart then you will find peace, wisdom and Love <3


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